TeamVinh International Business Review

Does Teamvinh International Scam People?

Teamvinh International Business Review: Does Teamvinh International Scam People?

This business review is an update to original article…

Back in 2009, Vinh Le and his business partners (Jay Luck, Ken Wallace, et al) created an organization that they hoped would become a powerful marketing machine for people in the home based industry. After very thorough and detailed work, tweaking, and addition of top of the industry leaders, this company has a goal to reach $1 Billion in revenue within 12 months of launch. This will be more than twice as fast as Groupon got to this revenue goal if they can achieve it.

One of the great selling points about TeamVinh International (TV) is that it offers a simple but unique way of earning residual income for average people. This business opportunity is targeted at people eyeing the common, but often difficult field of Multi-Level Marketing. The structure of the TV model eliminates the problems that make 99% of the people who try MLM (Multi Level Marketing) fail.

Whether it’s Amway, Herbalife, or any of the big names in network marketing, this is a huge issue for distributors. The top distributors continue to grow and profit at the expense of failing newer distributors.

This review includes our very own exclusive written interview responses from Mr. Vinh Le himself that will greatly help you to make an informed decision on whether this is an appropriate business opportunity for you.

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